Vol. 1, Issue 1

Deo, W. (2017). Twelve shades of green: Contrasting the environmental effectiveness of power generation methods in 12 developed countries through the lens of the electric vehicle. The Young Researcher, 1(1), 167-175.

Presently, there is an issue with the perception of power generation mixes across the developed world. It is widely believed that by implementing electric vehicles, we will be able to reduce our carbon emissions into the atmosphere. However, while it is true that transportation and power generation are the two largest emitters of carbon, the electrification of vehicles will simply lead to an increase in our demand for energy produced by fossil fuels. Trough a comparative quantitative analysis, this study examines 12 developed and geographically diverse nations in an effort to understand the real virtual tailpipe emissions of an electric vehicle. Trough the analysis, it was found that out of the 12 countries, only six would benefit environmentally from widespread electric vehicle implementation presently. Moving forward, this study highlights the importance of non-emitting power sources, emphasizing the benefits of nuclear power generation as a dependable and efficient energy source.

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