Submission Information

The Young Researcher welcomes submissions of original research from a wide range of academic disciplines within the social sciences, humanities, and sciences. 

Submission Guidance:
- No more than 5,000 words, excluding references and appendices (in English)
- Articles should have the following sections:
               Literature Review
               Method, Process, or Approach
               Findings or Results
               Discussion, Analysis, and/or Evaluation
               Conclusion and Future Directions
- Papers should be formatted in discipline-appropriate methods (MLA, APA, and Chicago are acceptable).
- Papers should have an abstract (no more than 150 words) and have 4-6 keywords
- All units of measurement should be in metric wherever possible
- All studies involving human participants must have been approved by a Research Ethics Board
- Ambitious replication studies are welcome, but reviews of existing findings are better submitted to other journals
- Errors in formatting and writing style could jeopardize successful publication.  Please ensure the highest quality of writing possible, and revise out any errors in citation or references.

Before You Submit: To preserve the integrity of the process, please remove all names and identifying information from the file.

Submission Deadline: May 3, 2022  (midnight, EST)

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