Vol. 1, Issue 1

Dickens, E. G. (2017). An evaluation of mental health stigma perpetuated by horror video gaming . The Young Researcher, 1(1), 108-117.

Video games often feature mental patients in their storylines. This review is intended to test the hypothesis that these depictions potentially contribute to stigma surrounding mental health communities, and may negatively reflect on those with mental health difficulties. The criteria for evaluating the chosen games were created by combining elements from four separate academic papers. The games were analyzed via screenshots from online videos detailing a playthrough of chosen games, and text from the games themselves. The research within this paper suggests stigma can exist out-side of conventional media platforms and highlights the availability of stigma-related horror video games inside the gaming market. This study also emphasizes how the depictions of those with mental health difficulties inside of video games have the capacity to harm mental health communities.

Keywords: stigma, mental health, video games, horror video gaming, review 

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