Vol. 2, Issue 1

Gallogly, I. (2018). Smoke break: Electronic vs tobacco cigarettes. The Young Researcher, 2 (1), 52-64. 

The use of electronic cigarettes is beginning to surpass the use of tobacco cigarettes, especially among youth and young adults. Because there is ample evidence that tobacco cigarettes are intrinsically more dangerous, the potential impacts of the growth of electronic cigarettes is often ignored. In order to make inferences about the aforementioned impacts, a comparison was done between the chemical components of e-cigarette aerosol, using the Pax Labs JUUL(TM), and that of tobacco cigarette smoke. The analysis was done through the use of a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. It was found that there are a number of potentially dangerous compounds that are present in both types of aerosols. Therefore, the health effects related to these compounds can affect users of either type of cigarette. Based on the findings of this study, electronic cigarettes need to be considered as much of a public health concern as tobacco cigarettes, and action must be taken accordingly. The social and political campaign against tobacco cigarettes that has been witnessed in the United States should be used as a model for a similar campaign against electronic cigarettes.

Keywords: electronic cigarette, tobacco cigarette, aerosol, health, JUUL

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