Vol. 1, Issue 1

Goodin, M. (2017). Language revitalization and historical trauma: A historical analysis of the Chickasaw and Chikashshanompa’. The Young Researcher, 1(1), 5-15.

The Chickasaw experienced many difficulties that hampered their ability to survive as a culturally significant group of people. This paper seeks to examine the connection the Chickasaw have with their unique language and how this strong connection allowed for them to begin a revitalization process to overcome culture destroying hardships. A historical analysis provides a lens for examining the impact of Indian Removal and the boarding school era on the Chickasaw. This research illustrates that resilience and pride for their culture allowed for the language revitalization process to begin. Trough this process the Chickasaw have maintained a vibrant culture. However, this research only touches on one aspect of cultural survival. To fully understand this issue it is advisable to analyze other cultural traits that have remained significant despite the historical trauma endured by the tribe.

: language, Chickasaw, Indian Removal, revitalization, historical trauma, survivance.

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