Vol. 4, Issue 1

Hilton, E. (2020). The effect of creative computer science workshops on the interest levels of female middle school students. The Young Researcher, 4 (1), 62-83.

Literature suggests that the lack of female involvement in computer science (CS) is detrimental to the field. The disconnect between females and CS is not due to their ability to succeed in the su ject, but rather the perceptions and stigmas surrounding it. This paper will focus on female interest in CS at a medium sized suburban middle school in Western Pennsylvania. The two guiding points for the paper include 1) the idea that female role models are thought to be crucial in the advancement of closing the gender division and 2) Harvey Mudd College’s approach to female CS learning. The measure of each subject’s CS interest was collected through pre and post-surveys during workshops led by the researcher. The paper ultimately argues that yes, the girls at the specified middle school are more interested in computer science after engaging in creative problem solving led by a female role model.

: Computer science, middle school interest, creative problem solving, female role model

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