Vol. 4, Issue 1

Kalapatapu, A. (2020). The assessment of unpaid dementia caregivers by primary care clinicians. The Young Researcher, 4 (1), 220-233. 

This research study explores the relationship between the mental health of informal dementia care-givers and the addressment of this issue by primary care clinicians. Through the use of a survey, data was gathered to answer the question as to whether primary care clinicians address and identify the needs of caregivers in the outpatient setting, given the high rate of caregivers of dementia patients suffering from caregiver burden and its effect on their wellbeing. This study captures the frequency of primary care clinician identification of caregivers, evaluation of their stress, and referral to outside resources. It hypothesizes that primary care clinicians oftentimes do not address caregiver needs, due to time constraints, the large number of informal dementia caregivers, and the extent of their unmet needs and need for additional aid. After surveying primary care clinicians, the study concludes that while the majority of primary care clinicians identify the informal demen- tia caregiver, they less frequently evaluate their level of stress or refer them to outside organizations or resources.

: primary care clinician, informal dementia caregiver, persons with dementia (PWDs).

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