Vol. 1, Issue 1

Reed, C. (2017). Colorism and its correlation with implicit racial stereotyping: An experimental action research study. The Young Researcher, 1(1), 16-26.

This study examined the correlations between implicit racial stereotyping and colorism and their roles in society. Using Fitzpatrick’s Skin typing scale and animated facial software, this study used a mixed method approach to examine participants’ reactions to stimuli in the context of colorism and implicit racial stereotyping. In addition, participants offered responses to explicit response open-ended questions concerning colorism and racial stereotyping. The findings revealed that color-blind ideology, exposure, and education displayed participants’ knowledge of explicit examples of racial stereotyping, but excluded their knowledge of critical implicit racial stereotyping and colorism. Implications are provided.

Keywords: colorism, racial stereotyping, implicit response, color-blind ideology, education, exposure

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