Vol 2., No. 1 - Summer 2018

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On Fire For God: Exploring Adolescent Religious Development 
Ella F. Moxley

Flight to the Stone Age: Investigating the Impact of FAA Cockpit Regulations on Kidney Stones in American Airline Pilots
Noor Said

Evolution of an Invasive Species: Solidago Canadensis in Europe and the Americas - A Comparison Using Ribosomal ITS and 5S-NTS Sequences 
Rachael Dickenson

Smoke Break: Electronic vs Tobacco Cigarettes
Isaac Gallogly

Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Major Depression in Stage II Pancreatic Cancer Patients from the ClĂ­nica General del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia 
Hector Cure

Shifting Perceptions: A Quantitative Experimental Study Regarding the Effect of Positive Kinesics on People Who Stutter 
Steven Du

Race, Wrongful Convictions, and Texas: An Analysis of the Impact of Juror and Defendant Ethnicity on Wrongful Convictions in Texas 
William Howard-Waddingham

Evaluation of Essential Oils as an Alternative to Conventional Antibiotics 
Megan Leinenbach

Does CBD Induce Apoptosis in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma?
Sophia Xu

Student Perceptions of the Implementation of Formative Assessment: A Royal St. George’s College Case Study 
Andrew Pyper

A Descriptive Study of Adolescent Perceptions of Rural Versus Urban Kentucky High School Student Mental Health Challenges 
Allison Tu

LED Color Temperature and its Effect on the Growth of Hydroponic Lettuce Seedlings 
Justin Shaw

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