Vol 4., No. 1 - Summer 2020

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Hollywood Culture: Portrayals of Romantic Interactions and Gender Tropes Pre- and Post-Sexual Assault Awareness Movements of the 21st Century  
Lydia Guertin

Analyzing Student Perception of Teacher Quality  
Juliet Pridgen

Sharing is Caring: The Effects of Communication Mediums on Self-Disclosure in Adolescents  
Sawsan Haider

An Assessment of Macroplastic Litter Surrounding Four Freshwater Lakes in Columbus, Georgia  
Clara Ray

The Effect of Creative Computer Science Workshops on the Interest Levels of Female Middle School Students  
Ella Hilton

Chemotaxis of C. reinhardtii Towards AHLs  
Esha Patel

A Flawed System of Accessibility: A Mixed-Methods Study of the Shortcomings of Disability Accommodations for Female Undergraduate Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level One 
Alyssa Gaylard

The Effect of Reading Literary Fiction on Theory of Mind 
Julia Werner

Glycovariants of the Novel Immunotherapeutic Drug Avaren-Fc and their Effects on ADCC Activity
Sreevatsa Vemuri

Seasonality in Equities Traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange Between 1980 and 2019  
Nick Woollcombe

The Effect of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Fine Motor Skill Development  
Madeline McWatters

Influential Factors for Young Entrepreneurial Success: A Delphi Study on High School Entrepreneurs
Nanyi Jiang

Cus Efflux System and Resistance to Nanoparticles  
Pragyat Khanal

The Assessment of Unpaid Dementia Caregivers by Primary Care Clinicians  
Asha Kalapatapu

Not a Children’s Game: Misogyny in the Online Gaming Community  
Siyu (Elaine) Liu

Theory of Mind Ability in Opposite-Sex Twin Females: The TTT Hypothesis  
Rakshita Kota

The Effects of Instagram Media Usage Frequency of Females in an Urban Public High School on Perceptions of Body-Image for Teenage Female Athletes and Non-Athletes  
Abigail Bohn

The Experiences of Five Southern Ontario High School Principals in Dealing with Student Mental Health: A Qualitative Study  
Alistair Langhorne

Engineering a Low-Cost, Non-Invasive Corrosion Monitoring System  
Demos Negash

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