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Language Revitalization and Historical Trauma: A Historical Analysis of the Chickasaw and Chikashshanompa’    
Margaret Goodin

Colorism and Its Correlation with Implicit Racial Stereotyping: An Experimental Action Research Study
Calla Reed

National Football League Concussions from 2009 – 2015: A Secondary Data Analysis  
Ethan Kelly

Examining Portrayals of Female Protagonists by Female Screenwriters Using Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis 
Brooke Shapiro

Immune Cell Responses to Amyloid-Beta Proteins: What is the Extent and Implications of Amyloid-Beta Induced Cytotoxicity in Microglial Cells and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells?
Annie Cao

My Teacher, My Peers, or Myself?  
Hollyn Saliga

Determining Stress Management Activities for Various Myers-Briggs Personality Types  
Jensen Ghidella

Operative Utilization of Agricultural Wastes for Amending Pyrolysed Carbonaceous Feedstock, or Biochar, in a Simulated Unindustrialized Agricultural Setting   
Palmer Short

An Evaluation of Mental Health Stigma Perpetuated by Horror Video Gaming  
Elizabeth G. Dickens

Is Oklahoma's State-Mandated Minimum Teacher Salary Sufficient? Evidence from 90 Oklahoma Districts  
Lia Martin

An Investigation into the Short Term Effects of Music Therapy for Patients with Probable Alzheimer’s Disease or Another form of Dementia  
Owen Clute

Computer Simulation of Genetically Modified Aedes aegypti Release Methods  
Gregory Schwartz

Motivation in Pursuing Advanced Degrees in STEM Fields Among Domestic and International Students  
Pranshu Adhikari

Copy Number Variation in Salivary Amylase: A Participant-Based Study on Genetic Variation  
Elizabeth Phillips

Twelve Shades of Green: Contrasting the Environmental Effectiveness of Power Generation Methods in 12 Developed Countries through the Lens of the Electric Vehicle  
William Deo

Comparing Traditional AP Classes to Portfolio AP Classes in Effectiveness of Measuring Knowledge 
Leanne Olona

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